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    • 27 FEB 13
    3D/4D Scan

    3D/4D Scan

    Price:  RM120
    From: 24 – 32 weeks gestation

    Why not share a once in a lifetime experience with your partner, family and even your friends.  At Premier Scans in Lichfield we use the wonders of 4D Ultrasound Scan technology to make it possible to see into the world of your unborn child. 4D Ultrasound Scans have the added dimension of real time imaging enabling you to capture the miracle of your baby’s development including smiling, yawning, arm stretches, kicking and sleeping. 3D Ultrasound  Scans tend to refer to the static images of your baby in 3 dimensions.  4D Ultrasound Scans refer to the moving images of your baby.

    All our 3D/4D ultrasound pregnancy scans are carried out in private clinic with private room for you and your relatives. The dedicated monitor allows you the perfect view of your baby’s first images, whilst our ultrasound specialists talk you through every step.  You will be given photographs of your ultrasound scan (3D scans); a short film of your baby scan on a DVD (4D scan) and we will transfer your pictures onto a CD, allowing you to take home these cherished memories of your baby’s first images.

    The 4D ultrasound scans are performed in a very similar way to the routine 2D ultrasound scans.  The best images of a baby are usually obtained between 24 – 32 weeks of pregnancy however, the quality of the image for a 3D/4D baby scan is completely dependent on the position of your baby and the amount of fluid (liquor) surrounding your baby. Care will be taken to ensure that optimum images are obtained although it is important to understand that in rare cases clear 3D/4D images may not be obtained. In these cases examinations may need to be rescheduled therefore one free rescan appointment will be made available (this option is not available with the Free 4D Peek)

    Measurements will be taken of your baby to assess his or her wellbeing.  As a private medical practice, we at Premier Scans believe that whenever a mother has a scan the health and wellbeing of her baby should always be checked.  You will be provided with a report at the end of the scan which will display the various measurements taken and any related charts. The Sonographer performing the 3d/4d scan will be able to answer any further questions you may have.  In the event that a problem is identified, our expert team will make the necessary arrangements for your follow-up care.

    What is included in each package option?

    There are 3 package options available; the Mini, Full and Ultimate package.

    The main difference in the three packages is related to the duration of scanning time and the number of images to be printed within the package.  Additional images can be added to your package for a small additional fee, please refer to our pricing plans page.

    All options include measurements of your baby to assess his or her wellbeing as we believe that whenever a mother has a scan, the health and wellbeing of her baby should always be checked. The sonographer performing the scan will be able to answer any further questions you may have.

    For those who wish to know or have the sex of their baby confirmed, this is included in all package options. For those who want the surprise on baby’s day of arrival it can be kept a secret!

    There are no hidden extra costs. The package you choose depends on how many images you would like and the scanning duration.  If there is anything special you want please ask as we are sure we can accommodate your request.  For a quick comparison see the  comparison table below.

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