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    • 27 FEB 13
    Gender Scan

    Gender Scan


    • RM100 (from 16 weeks 0 days – 23 weeks 6 days) 
    • RM120 (from 24 weeks 0 days – 42 weeks)

    From: 16 – 42 weeks gestation

    A sexing scan (also known as a gender scan) can determine the sex (or gender) of your baby from 16 weeks of pregnancy. Our baby sexing scans at Premier Scans in Lichfield are highly reliable. When good views are obtained the accuracy of our prediction at Premier Scans is 97%. If however we are unable to obtain good views of the sex of the baby then we may send you for a walk to try and change the baby’s position. If we are still unable to obtain clear views then we will arrange for you to return (free of charge) for one further visit.

    Sexing scans or gender scans at this early gestation are not routinely offered on the NHS but you may have one privately without affecting your NHS entitlement.

    About your Sexing/Gender Scan

    The sonographer will scan you through your tummy (trans-abdominally) using the latest technology high resolution ultrasound machine; we are usually able to obtain a clear image using this technique.

    Preparation: Please try to attend with a full bladder as this will improve the visibility of the scan.
    Appointment length: Approximately 20 minutes, of which you can expect 5 to 10 minutes of scanning time.


    What’s included in your Sexing/Gender Scan

    • DVD: The entire scan (including any 4D footage from the free 4d Peek will be captured).
    • Photographs: 4 x Black and white 2D Thermal images available free of charge


    What’s not included in your Sexing/Gender Scan

    • CD-ROM: Not included (but this may be purchased separately for an additional fee of RM10).

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